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Buying a home today can be much like playing the part of a private detective. You have to seek out the best areas, schools, local services, home values and alike. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming and chaotic the buying process will be. Because of my 25+ years of experience, I can help you to make the most informed decision on your home purchase. Having the resources and knowledge to evaluate a home's valuation is equally as important as having the contacts to assure a smooth and hassle free closing process. My job doesn't end at having our offer accepted. The steps from contract to actually moving into your new home are complex and my job is to handle as much for you as possible. Buying a home should be a pleasurable experience, and remember if you have any question about the process, I'm only a phone call or email away!

I am Professional REALTOR ®. It is my job to know and understand the San Diego Real Estate Market.
It is my career and passion to find you the right house, in the right neighborhood, at the right price, for you. My experience has allowed me to grow a strong foundation here in San Diego and across the country thanks to my professionalism and expertise. Agents around San Diego county prefer to work with my clients and myself because they are confident that when they do work with me we will close; which is the fundamental aim of my colleagues. I take my work very seriously but I love to make the whole home buying experience a happy and upbeat process for my clients because all in all this is a glorious time in your life.


But How is the Market? Is it the "Right Time" to Buy?

This is probably the most common question asked when buying a home for a potentially new home owner. In context, the "right" time to buy never has anything to do with the current market trends and data out there. The right time to buy is always dictated by your current situation. Sure, at times interest rates are lower than they have previously been but just like that interest rates can be higher than they have previously been; this is where my expertise and reputation comes in handy. With my constant drive to get my clients the best deal on their new house, interest rates will always be as low as possible. With that said, if for some reason I feel like the market is not right for your home purchase at the time, it will not be the right time for you. I am always looking out for the best interests of my clients and would never steer them in a direction that I myself would not take.


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