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Let my experience help sell your home in a timely matter.
We understand that selling a home can come at a difficult or busy time. Each individual situation is different but one common solution is that the more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming and stressful the selling process will be. Because of my 25+ years of experience, I can help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to selling your home. Through my unique and effective marketing techniques I have helped numerous clients get great offers on their homes on a consistent basis. Having the resources and knowledge to evaluate a home's value is also equally as important to my job when selling your home. My job isn't complete by just getting you a great offer on your home in a timely matter. The steps in assuring that the offer doesn't fall through is equally as important. Selling a home can be a renewing experience, and I would love to help make this a pleasurable experience.

I am Professional REALTOR ®. It is my job to know and understand the San Diego Real Estate Market.
It is my career and passion to help sell your house at the right price. I have experience that speaks loudly in the
San Diego market and I have helped my clients get offers on their home above market value on a consistent basis. I am also an expert negotiator. By placing myself and my expertise between you and your buyer, I can effectively negotiate the maximum return possible. Even with my attention to clients, my experience has allowed me to grow a strong foundation here in San Diego and across the country thanks to my professionalism and expertise. Agents around San Diego county prefer to work with my clients and myself because they are confident that transactions they do with me will close; which is the fundamental aim of my colleagues. I take my work very seriously but I love to make the whole home selling experience a happy and upbeat process.


But How is the Market? Is it the "Right Time" to Sell?

This is probably the most common question asked when it comes to thinking about putting your home on the market. In context, the "right" time to sell never has anything to do with the current market trends and data out there. The right time to sell is always dictated by your current situation and by unique and effective marketing techniques. Sure, at times interest rates are lower and therefore more buyers will be out (which is actually our market trend right now) but with unique marketing techniques, we tend to break the "norm" of the market trends. As a professional, I utilize strategic placement on Multiple Service Listings services, proper online marketing, caravans, professional open houses, print advertising, and much more. With that said, if for some reason I feel like the market is not right for selling your home at a certain time, it will not be the right time for you. I am always looking out for the best interests of my clients and would never steer them in a direction that I myself would not take.


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